Photo by Alexis Belhumeur.

Amulette, the french word meaning; protection against darkness.

Expressed through the light and warmth provided by handwoven domestic designs, Amulette allows you to feel safe, warm and enveloped, in the most comforting way.

Annie Legault, the founder and creator of Amulette, received her BFA from the Fibres and Material Practices program at Concordia University.

Influenced by the 1960s and ‘70s, every piece for the Amulette collection is handmade by Annie. Jute, merino and alpaca wool are just some of the natural fibres that are used throughout Amulette’s collection. Hues range from the natural soft earth tones of ice and stone to a more woodsy palette of rustic greys and browns.

With her bold creations of inviting rugs, lamps, throws and hanging planters, Annie has captured a way, through her creations, to make people feel comfortable, safe, warm and beautifully enveloped in all that she makes.

An advocate for the process of “slow design”, Amulettes direction is to evoke a sense of cocooning, thus ensuring that every piece that has been created exudes a sense of comfort, warmth, quality and originality within your your home.